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Update KB5001330 What solution would be appropriate when the installation error persists!

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Hello everyone! 

Of course, my query concerns the official scenario in which case I have installed pow. without a problem, but I would like to help you understand why so many users have a recurring error! Does Microsoft recommend pausing instances - for a Windows 10 update!  because this situation is frustrating and there should be an official recommendation that will allow you to take appropriate steps according to the recommendations! I recommend pausing updates - optional by the user - when there are problems with installing updates, but until when such a pause should not be a problem - it should be explained and here it please and thank you in advance!     

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Hello. As it is no one knows the official scenario, recommended by Microsoft? if the update fails! It is please proposals for your own solutions, the discussion will help in understanding the topic. Welcome.
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Hello. Of course, my query was about KB5001330 - but I wrote deliberately differently because still most users do not wonder what the update is and what it concerns = just want to have a computer efficient and up-to-date system with security! And there is a problem with installing some update and without analysis the user has a feeling that his device may work badly - because the update error ! Therefore, it is necessary to notify - or mark in a way that everyone understands , to wait until his computer is fully ready thanks to diagnostic tools will be informed about the need to take further steps! Lack of official recommendation or insufficiently available , or incomprehensible = causes frustration and reluctance to take update steps that have many obstacles to installation! I need the correct markings, and simple information that will reassure the user that the installation will take place when the device is ready! Thank you
Hello! Since I have not seen other statements, I need to add one important suggestion for windows updates! Please don't worry about failing to install the latest updates – because this is normal and if Windows Diagnostics shows an installation error, it really protects your system from
fatal error! We often have a claim to Microsoft, but we manage our computers and often prevent the system from performing proper maintenance, etc. So the easiest way is to wait until all the required processes in the system are properly prepared and then the installation of the update will finish properly!