Update Blocking 16 bit app?

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I have to use an old 16 bit program "Superbase" (a programmable relational database) in Windows 10, 32 bit. It loads ntvdm.


It's been absolutely fine until some time in the past month or so where I can no longer load a 'companion app'. It's a form designer. However, Superbase itself seems to run fine. 


When I try, the mouse cursor blinks, then nothing happens.


I've tried running as administrator and tried changing compatibility mode. I've also tried adding the executable to Avast Free Antivirus' white list, and disabled Avast shields (not convinced it actually does this) all to no avail. 


Could a Windows update have rendered this program unusable?


TIA for any help. 



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Which version of Windows 10 are you using?
Windows 10 Pro 32 bit

Thanks, could you please type "winver" in RUN and tell me the version you see + OS build
Version 1903
OS Build 18362.418

Just in case it's a clue, another thing that changed recently with regards to this program is the icon in the taskbar. It used to show the ico file, now it looks like a generic Windows assigned icon (even though the correct ico file is still there and listed in the shortcut properties).


Should be:



But is now:



well I still haven't found any solution for that, you try installing the 1909 update which is now available only to seekers (need to manually check for updates in Windows update), maybe it will fix it.

it's also available through media creation tool
Thanks for your time, HotCakeX.

Updated to 1909 and it's back to normal. Almost. (There's a significant delay in loading the form designer app. This happened a couple of years ago and seemed to fix itself.)

But I'm just happy it's operable.
That's really great to hear, you're welcome :)