Unable to sign in as other user on windows lock screen

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I work for a small startup and have been standing in as a sort of amateur tech support/IT person as we don't have someone in that position. I have been dealing with setting up laptops for new employees, but am not the admin on our work Microsoft 365 account, which is supplied to us through GoDaddy (we also have AzureAD but I don't really understand what that does). We mostly have Windows 10 Pro laptops, but occasionally Windows 10 Home or Windows 11 Pro. This issue is happening consistently across almost all if not all of our Windows laptops. 


When I set up a new laptop, I set it up as a work or school laptop, and then sign in with the new user's Microsoft 365 account. No problem there. However, if I then want to add a second user, either local or work/school, it will not show up as an optional user in the lock screen. 'Other User' is an option, but it asks for an email and password combo, or a username and PIN combo, and will not accept either a Microsoft 365 account from the same organization nor the local user. As I do not have the option to create a PIN for the local account from the first user account, I am not able to sign in with the username/PIN combo anyway. 

If I try to sign in with my Microsoft 365 email on someone else's laptop, it tells me the email/password combo is wrong. 


I have included some screenshots showing that I am able to add a local account in 'Other Users', but that they do not show up on the lock screen. Any suggestions on how to fix this, or if not, a suggestion on where to get support, would be appreciated! 


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