unable to install cumulative updates

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hi, my cumulative updates are not installing since many months (like 5 or more).

Is there anything I can do that doesn't imply I have to reinstall everything?

That would mean to lose one day of work and I would prefer to keep the problem instead.




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Are you able to install other updates?
Try open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
other updates are just fine.
I now reported this on the feedback hub. In the past I just replied/browsed about it. Thanks.
Thank for trying to help. I already tried all the fixes suggested in that article, none fixed my problem.
I checked the other article, but it says the possible additional update is to be received automatically through Windows Update.

Just like you, I have run into the same mistake over and over again.

Even with the hints here (most recently the link hints) have brought nothing at all.

I have spent hours running SFC checks or DISM health checks. Each one was without an error ...

Finally I used MediaCreationTool21H1 to update the PC directly (all apps and settings are applied) and I'm finished.

Now its the WinVer Build 19043.1288 (from originally 19043.1165)

No idea why the Inplace Upgrade/Update works and the Windows Update dialog does not.

Maybe it will help you further.



thanks for trying!
I just tried the tool you say, and previously i already tried with its previous version, but the outcome is a window saying "everything will be deleted". Other options (keep your stuff) are disabled.
I will do that when I'm finally forced to.



Oh, that is a pity :(
Had hoped it would lead to success for you without much effort.
Maybe you (or Microsoft) can eliminate the problem with the next big autumn update.