Unable to create Windows Hello pin after system reset

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Hello. I have a user with an interesting problem I'm not sure how to fix. The user recently reset the computer after some storage issues. Now when they went to set the computer back up, they accepted the terms and conditions and went to sign in, they had some issues getting the account set up, then when it got to the point where it asked to set up a Windows Hello PIN, the user entered in the numbers they wanted their PIN to be and went on to continue. Then it said that there was a problem and it went all the way back to signing in with the Microsoft account again. After that they then tried to skip the PIN set up for the time being, yet again it said there was a problem.


We have tried to reboot the system, go back to the previous part of the set up, and change the Wi-Fi networks, no matter what is done the same issue recurs. My idea was to reset the system again, but that cannot be done until the system is fuly set up and you can access the desktop. 


Does anyone have a suggestion to resolve this problem?

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Hello @Angelina2552,


I suggest you to first setup a PIN directly from Sign-in options screen and then setup your Microsoft account, see if that helps in this case.


Good luck!

since you already tried skipping PIN and still can't access the desktop, you might want to clean install your OS, using a flash drive, that will take care of the issue.

you're gonna need another computer to download and create a bootable USB flash drive using the tool in here:



Another suggestion if you don't' want to reset your system, make a local account and see if you can access it from there?