Unable to add Work or School Account in Windows 10

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Hello guys,
I cannot add work or school account
I get that error message in yellow: cannot find your work or school account, check
your account name and try again later



The red one :
"There is a problem. Possible causes:

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Make sure your account has the necessary permissions to be added to the Work or School account settings. Contact the IT department to verify.

Well in the case of the microsoft store, the window to sign in opens and then disappears, I'm unable to enter any details to sign in.
The Microsoft Account Sign-In Assistant service must be running to add accounts. Kindly check if it is enabled.
Does this really work?
At the Settings app > Accounts > Access work or school, when you click Connect, don't type your work/school account in the input box. Instead use 'Join this device to Azure Active Directory/Microsoft Entra ID' link.
I don't have azure option and I'm the admin
How to chack that
If you have Office 365 from an educational institution depending on the exact licence type it may not included the desktop apps, Word etc

Office 365 if installed under a win user account that has admin rights auto logs on when you start the PC
If your device is part of a domain, group policies might be restricting you from adding accounts.
You have to ask the system admin to add a new domain account.