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UI Mock-Up - Design and Functionality Battery Status Pop-Up

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Hi all

After being very annoyed by the fact, retrieving the "XX hours and XX minutes left" information in the task bar ONLY by hovering the mouse over the battery icon (or go into system settings to have the time left indication). I think it would be expected from a user, having a laptop with windows 10 running, being able to see, how long the battery power will last should be a minium. Especially without being forced to hover over an icon in the task bat, that might be vanishing due to the user's task bar settings and is incredibly small and hard to read...
I really would like to see an easy way to have this indication from the task bar. I am beware of the fact, that the pop up appearing, when clicking on the battery icon, is already very large and ugly... I think, the information popping up, should be customizable in layout (small, medium, large, full).
I attached a design mock-up for your guys, which will require a minimum of modification and is working already with your ideas of the layout and functionality of the UI element. It's really self explanatory and allows a custom layout quite pragmatically....
Please let me know, what you think about it, or even better; I'll see it already in one of the next fights to et the insider judge about it! ;)
Full ExpandedFull Expanded


Battery Information (large)Battery Information (large)


Energy Starus (medium)Energy Starus (medium)


Minimized options (small)Minimized options (small)



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