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Troubleshooting through Command Line

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Im working on creating a consolidated batch script tool for my technicians to run that will have multiple options for troubleshooting different aspects of a user's workstation through a simple command line interface.

I've run into an issue when trying to manipulate Microsoft Edge through command line, and i can't find any documentation online about what arguments and flags are available to use with MSEdge.

Id like to be able to perform basic browser troubleshooting through this tool, so clearing history, cache, cookies, setting as default browser, etc.

I know there are other ways to do these manually, but in an effort to save my technicians some time in the field i'm trying to put all the steps in one place.

Does anyone know where i could find the commands to manipulate Edge in these ways? or if it is even possible within CMD or if i need to use a more powerful tool like Powershell?

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