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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Transferring original windows to another same configuration computer

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I brought two HP laptop with original windows 10 home version. Both are the same configuration. With one computer something happened with the optane memory and I had to take out this part from the laptop. Now I lost my recovery option from where I used to install the windows. My question is, as I have another computer (same configuration) with recovery drive, is it possible to transfer this original version to that previous computer what was lost the original version? any system or software that can help me to make my both computer original windows as it was? 


Another point is, after that my computer has become so slow. It takes around 2 minutes to start up.


Please help me to come back again with the original version. 

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do you have your Windows activation key for your laptop? it usually comes as a card with the laptop package or it's labeled at the bottom of your laptop.
you can download and install new Windows 10 from here (includes Home, pro editions)

once you installed, you can use your product key to activate it.
also if you had connected your laptop to your Microsoft account (i.e used an online Microsoft account to login to your laptop), chances are the product key is already bound to your account and Windows will automatically be activated when you login using the same account.