Touch pad issue

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1.When ever I try to click from one field to another field touch pad is taking around 10 to15 clicks but it works fine in the same field that I can click anywhere in the same field with single click but when try clicking on another field it does click normally .
Note :all the drivers are up to date ,tried reinstalling drivers also ,tried reinstalling windows also and also got the touch pad replacement .
Please find the video and help me how to fix
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Hi @Roopi123  


If it only happens in Office apps, it might be unrelated to OS. 

You'd better ask here also: 

hi@Spigolo ,

It happens with all the application



If you use the TAB key is focus got right away?

Can you please tell me the make and model of your notebook?

Hi Spigolo ,
Model is dell Inspiron 3585
And if I use tab key focus is going to intended place



I suppose your touchpad has an hardware issue, given also the other thread you opened. 

You should ask Dell customer service for a check.