Microsoft Technical Takeoff: Windows and Microsoft Intune
Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)

To be able to earn Microsoft rewards using the Pc, doing different tasks.

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To be able to earn Microsoft Rewards using the Pc, doing different tasks.


The idea would be as it happens on Xbox One, adding daily, weekly or monthly tasks but by using Windows 10 and its different services.


This could help users learn how to use Windows 10 in a more interactive and enjoyable way. As a reward a few points. It would help to entrench customers even attracting different ones.


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I personally don't think people need incentives to use PC or Windows 10. also it would be like bribing people. the reason why people use Windows and PC is because they NEED it. otherwise there are many Linux distros that are free and has been free for the past 30 years, but still you see linux's desktop share is less than 1%.
i think if Microsoft wants to make customers happy and attract even more people towards their ecosystem, they should make Windows better and more stable. build 1903 which is the latest one is a good start towards that direction.