Third party software updates will not install on Windows 10 v May 2020

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Every time and on every browser (Edge, Firefox, and Chrome) I download a third party software or update one I already have on my Lenova laptop, it downloads fine but then it stops and says "Cannot create temporary directory.  Access denied." 


So, at this point I cannot update any of my existing third party software on my Lenova.


I have attached one example.


Has anyone experienced this and know how to fix?????????

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Thanks for your advice. Checked permissions and reset my name to full control as administrator but still cannot get new updates to install.  Still says it cannot create a temp directory.



Well, you have a couple of options, since this problem is caused by a user configuration or 3rd party software, you can still give it another shot by using this guide:

if it doesn't help, use Reset feature from Windows settings. you can choose to keep your file to choose to remove everything from C drive. it will reinstall Windows for you.

before performing the rest, you can try updating to the latest version of Windows 10 which is 20H2, maybe that will take care of the problem



Thank you again.  I tried to reset folder permissions using the command prompt but every line said "access denied"  What a mess I have. 



Don't worry, just try the other options i suggested (update OS and then Reset if the problem persists)