The windows cannot find other PC's classic

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With a twist and hope someone can help.


So I have three PC's with Intel NIC with VLANs and untagged network


main PC



They all have file sharing on with network discovery on but none see each other...until I leave the network window open for HTPC and DNS go to main PC run services and stop then start "Function Discovery Resource Publication" and both PC's show main PC in the network windows!...but this does not solve the problem as a refresh for the windows make the main PC disappear from the list.


Tested this on all other PC's and same thing.


Could it be that I run VLAN's on the intel NIC's?


I can still access PC's by IP fine its just the discovery thats the problem.

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Found the problem but first when you stop then start "Function Discovery Resource Publication" it bypasses the firewall rules!

So what was needed was a firewall rule for outbound for UDP local port 3702 and remote port all.