Sync programs (Eg: OneDrive or Google Drive) cause file naming bug

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There is a bug in Windows 10 when renaming files and I believe it is being caused by OneDrive or any other sync platform. This problem has been present for at least a year. It's difficult to describe this issue, but basically in Windows 10, if you want to rename a file without replacing the entire file name, you double click the file name or hit F2. Then you click within the file name to deselect the name so that you can make partial edits. However, Windows 10 reselects the entire file name again a second later. With OneDrive closed, this issue isn't present.

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Hello @bobbyeagle,


I highly recommend you to report this to concerned engineering team via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F. 






This is a very known issue which Microsoft completely ignores.


"Howtogeek" site has a workaround, which helps sometimes.



Unfortunately I think you're correct, but from my research it looks like it's an issue with almost any File Syncing application (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc) and I simply must use a file syncing program as all my work files are hosted remotely and accessed by multiple computers.


It's a real shame Microsoft doesn't see file handling as a priority in its operating system.


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