Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) what does it do? Do it upload my data?

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When I Copied / Ctrl. C a PNG file (file A) in Windows Explorer, I noted that Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) began upload activity after 10 seconds (Resource Monitor). I tried Ctrl. C the file again, and again after 10 seconds Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) began upload activity. I tried Ctrl. C the file 8 more times, and none of the 8 times Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) began upload.


I tried reading and understanding what Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) does:

The purpose of the Utcsvc.exe file is to collect data telemetry according to the selected telemetry level for the particular version of Windows



Has any of the PNG file data (file A) been uploaded?



Why did Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) begin upload when I Ctrl. C / copied the file?                                    


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