Surface pen shuts down my laptop when I attach it to the edge with its magnet.

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Is anyone else finding that their pen is shutting down their machine when they attach their surface pen to its right hand edge? 


I attach the pen, the screen brings down a picture of the home screen like a curtain from the top asking me if I want to swipe the curtain down the screen to shut it down. I do not respond, the curtain rises up the screen again and disappears, then the machine shuts down.


I have tried power options and thought that the "actions when I close the lid" might be a way to control it, but no. I can't find anything online so I presume it's not a common problem.



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OK, so I am going to publically admit my idiocy here for the sake of others who are as stupid as me. I have been connecting the pen to the RH side of the laptop OVER THE POWER BUTTON. If I attach the pen a couple of centimetres lower it doesn't trigger the shutdown. (Lesson: If you don't see any posts on the subject, then you're probably doing something wrong.) @wnreiaglhet