Suggestion for how to Move user profile data and settings to Azure user accounts

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Just started at a new customer who will move mainly laptop users (200+), who work externally, to a clean Azure account.
All the laptop users currently have Domain profiles, with data stored locally, but will get a clean Azure Account as they will be in a separate org.

My task is how can I create a setup to move their data and settings, browser favorites etc. over to their new Azure profile?

This task needs to be simple enough for a group of supporters to be able to carry out.
So far only briefly tested Laplink but it crashed Outlook, so it would not open at all. Also it is very expensive.

In case you have suggestions for a tool, that you are experienced with (know is good!) and is simple to use for a big group of supporters it would be a big help.
Thorough testing takes a really long time :\


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Check out User Profile Central or USMTGUI from
For a project your size I'd recommend User Profile Central.
Neither is especially expensive

Check post below to get some more feedback
You may check this:
How To: Migrate Local Profiles to Azure AD User Profiles – same PC or one computer to another
Thank you
We went for USMTGUI after testing over the weekend. Very simple and users can do it themselves after they login to their Azure Account.

User Profile Central does not support Azure but we are now testing it for an even bigger PC replacement. We will replace many hundred Domain PCs this summer if all goes well.

Being able to use remote USMT over LAN is really clever.