[Suggestion] Equivalent of LockHunter to diagnose which used file is impeding storage device removal

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I would be great to have an actual indication about which programm is holding the USB storage device in use.



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Hello @Poilaucul,


The best practice to submit your suggestion to Windows engineering team is via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F.






this is shown in the event logs


windows logs




event 225



@davidb, thanks.
So the information is already there, now it just need to be use to facilitate removal in a user friendly way, because we can not expect the average user to know how to look for event 225 and figure out which device is "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AAF0&SUBSYS_AAF01458&REV_00\4&1da95f35&0&0119" for instance.