Successful Upgrade from Win10 to Win11 on Dell XPS Laptop with 8th Gen CPU

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I was able to successfully upgrade my Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop from Win10 Pro to Win11 Pro with a fresh, clean install (now on Ver 23H2). This is a 5.5 year-old laptop with 8 GB of RAM, a i5-8250U CPU and a 1 TB Adlink NVMe. Win11 runs fine with no problems including my whole MS Office Suite, maybe even a bit zippier than Win10. The laptop also boots in 17 seconds to the lock screen. Overall, very pleased with Win11. Only hack I employed was the registry modification to remove the "More Options" from the right-click menus so that all the options are on one single menu (like in Win10).

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The CPU is compatible with Windows 11. Does the computer has TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot?