Storage Spaces Not formatted; format storage space

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Hello All,

I've been using Storage Spaces on Windows 10 for 2 years or so now and added drives and all that and everything has been great.

I'm currently adding two 18TB drives to my ReFs formatted pool. The pool is currently at 140tb and i noticed on my pool status it shows this (each disk shows OK):


The drives i just added are at 38% optimization (The Pool) and it will be a day or so before that completes.

I'm curious if that message will go away and i just need to be patient or if i have a problem here. I have about 85tb in a parity setup and all my data is there but that status is bothering me.

Any ideas?

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Drives successfully added but the status is still the same on the pool. I'm at day 7 with this status and everything is working fine, and no data is missing.

I'm just going to keep going as is and if things change, ill update this thread in case folks in the future see something similar. Feel free to bump this thread and if I'm around ill reply with my standing at that time.


2 months in with the message and no issues yet...