Start menu search has black background

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I searched something in the start menu, and suddenly the background is black. I didn't change any settings for this to happen. Does anyone know why this happened and how it can be fixed?




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Check Settings > Personalization > Colors. If you've Custom selected here, make sure Change your default app mode to Light.

Let us know if this helps!

@Kapil Arya 

Thanks for replying. My default app mode is set at light. I tried switching from dark to light with no change.


The only thing that makes the search result background white, is setting the default windows mode to light. This doesn't solve the issue since it sets everything to white. My DWM has been Dark and DAM has been light for over a year.

This is the best image I can find of what it was previously:





Notice that DWM is set at dark, while the background is white.