Sporadically very long Boot Time ( more than 20 min) with stucks at Windows logo

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Currently we have an incident with an Intel Apollo Lake Platform ( E3930 F-stepping , which sporadically very long booting ( over 20 min ) with
Window 10 Iot Ent 2019 x64 (RS5) ...

We can reproduce the phenomenon sporadically and are currently in the process of error analysis ....

In failure case : The POST is finished --> try to booting Windows Iot Ent 2019 LTSC x64 in UEFI Mode ->
only Windows logo is shown, system stucks more than 20min in this state, after stucking the spinning donat is shown and
windows boots up as if nothing had happen ............

Note: The stucks time is always the same time period. ( during our duration test cycles : 25min )

Test procedure :

(1) Windows 10 Iot Ent 2019 LTSC x64 is booting
(2) Durationtest script will be started ( Autostart) and date\Time will be logged in a textfile
(3) System will be restarted (Shutdown /r /f /t 0)
Start with point (1)

What could be the root cause?
How can we resolve the issue?

How can we debug the Boot process ( bootx64.efi -> Bootmgfw.efi -> winload.efi .....) ?

Thanks in advance!


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