Solving Q.B Keeps Asking to Update

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How can I prevent Q.B from continuously prompting for updates? I need a solution to resolve this issue and ensure uninterrupted workflow without frequent update reminders.

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Hi @James84Pearson 


If Q.B keeps asking to update, it can disrupt your workflow. Here's how to solve this issue: First, ensure your internet connection is stable. Intermittent connectivity can trigger update prompts. Next, verify your update settings by accessing the Help menu, selecting Update Q.B Desktop, and navigating to the Update Now tab. Ensure the "Reset Update" option is unchecked and click Get Updates. Consider manually updating by downloading the latest update from the Q.B support site if necessary. If the problem persists, clear the update cache by navigating to the Q.B installation directory and deleting the contents of the Update folder. As a last resort, consider reinstalling Q.B. These steps should help eliminate the recurring update prompts and ensure smooth operation of your Q.B software.


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