Slow webpages and MS teams

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Have a fully updated computer here that loads pictures slow in edge and has performance issues in teams.


In edge it has slowly loading pictures in pages such as the initial page and "new page' and websites such as fox news.   If you scroll down the pictures do not immediately populate.


PC has 5 cores 2.4 GHz (AMD) 8 gb ram.  It initially had a virus issue but I completely reloaded and fully updated windows and edge twice.  I also loaded A new antivirus as it had none. 


I tried advanced settings and adjusted it for maximum performance but it did not change loading.

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Hello @RockUT,


What is the Windows 10 version you're currently on?


Meanwhile, I suggest you to run System File Checker scan:


1. Search for 'command prompt' using Cortana or Windows Search.


2. From results, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.


3. Type sfc /scannow command and press Enter key.


4. Let the command complete and then reboot the machine.


Also, perform clean boot:


See if it makes any differences!




Still working on this


do you mean do both boots?


@RockUT, have you tried clean boot?