Slow Web Brower/ random video freeze AFTER windows update

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Two days ago (02/13/2021) my windows updated when I close my pc, the next day my Google Chrome seemed slow to me and the youtube or twitch videos were responding strangely. If I watch a Stream and a video on my two screens or simply simultaneously there are freezes quite frequently, even with low qualities. In general, the sites have a horrible response time compared to the past week.

I tried to repair / reinstall / clear the caches, I tried Edge and the problem is the same. I tested my connection several times and went around my system but everything is as before!


The forums advise me to test or change my computer / connections / web browsers BUT everything always worked fine on my system. In addition, we are talking about internet browser only, my games and everything still work fine. I tried to delete the last Windows update, believing it will rollback but it always forces the installation on restart and I do not have a recent compatible backup point ... HELP ME PLEASE.

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@Enwaiille Timing and some of your issues are similar on my Lenovo Legion 5 AMD 4800H system. I fixed the issue by disabling the AVCTP service. While it fixed all sorts of lag issues, disabling turns off Bluetooth audio so you'll have to jack-in. I noticed issues: 30+ seconds to start a youtube video, 10+ seconds before volume up/down hotkey worked, Windows Search Bar cursor took 10+ seconds to change from pointer to edit cursor. All disappeared when AVCTP was stopped or disabled.

Microsoft has now fixed problem with release of Windows 10 Insider 21322.