Slow download speed on Windows 10

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I've just bought a new laptop with Windows 10 home, and was downloading a few things when I noticed that downloading through the internet(Chrome, Edge, Opera) was extremely slow for some reason. I tested my internet speed, and it came out as 35Mbps but right now download speed is around 5~15KB/S. Oddly enough downloading on Steam games is much faster, 2~4MB/s. I tried downloading through my phone but sure enough my phone has the same speed through the same wifi. Is there any reason for this?

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Please run Network Adapter troubleshooter from Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters. Let us know what it reports back.

The easiest way to start with a Windows restart, an unfinished update does the same thing!

I've tried it out, and the only message I got was to disconnect and reconnect. Further actions say not e nough data on the troubleshoot. VPN boosts the speed better, although not by much. I think it might be because of server locations. @Kapil Arya 

Will try, but my phone also has been suffering from a download speed drop. I think it might be just server issues or something as some files actually download smoothly.
The new computer simultaneously processes a lot of processes! such problems are normal! Good luck.