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Show/Hide Desktop Icons with a single click

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Is there anything i can do by showing/hinding desktop icons using a hotkey.

I tried different softwares but i encounter some problems that are not on my taste. Maybe i can use powershell. If somebody knows a way please i need some help



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Hello @lucifer224,


If you want to use only hotkey, I believe you need to use third-party software as it seems not possible natively in Windows. Though, you can create a batch script for registry change  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoDesktop:1


I found a PowerShell script, but unfortunately that allows only to show Desktop icons, not hide.


I highly recommend you to post to PowerShell community to get more ideas and get this resolved:  


Hope this helps!



I found a way and tested it myself on latest Windows 10

here it is:

Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Turn the Desktop Icons On or Off (


  1. Download the tool from the website above
  2. you might have to install this too 
  3. make a shortcut of the file (.exe) on desktop
  4. pin that shortcut to start menu or taskbar depending on your preference
  5. clicking on the icon on taskbar or start menu instantly shows/hides desktop icons
  6. in that website above, it also explains how to assign a hotkey to a shortcut, which is a built-in functionality of Windows.