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Serving RTMP Stream Files on IIS 10

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I have been running IIS 10 for HTTPS web services for several years.

For live streaming, I am running nginx in parallel with IIS 10. To get it to work, I have to use the nginx server address which is at port 8080.

I have a SSL cert for IIS websites and serve HTTPS no problem. However, the SSL I have not been able to get working for nginx. As such, when people click on my live stream, they get a warning from their web browser with a 'back to safety' button. So I'm losing a lot of traffic.

Having been unable to make nginx HTTPS, someone suggested I have nginx write the stream files to my IIS directory. I made the necessary configuration change, and the streaming files are going to that folder.

I changed the path in the viewer.html to reflect the new location.

However, the player just shows a spinner logo and never loads the media.

F12 on Chrome/Brave opens this console and I have the following errors. Why can't the player load the files from THIS location, but no problem loading them from the nginx server location?

I've checked ownership and permissions and both sets of files have same owner and "full control" permissions. I'm at a loss here as to what to try next. Can anyone with knowledge of streaming tell me what I am missing? Is IIS not listening on some port that is needed for streaming perhaps? If so, how would I enable that? Anything else?




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Problem solved!!! MIME type was the problem. I added .m3u8 to IIS config and now it works. Live stream is SECURE and served form IIS web space!