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I choose:


All looks windowswonderful . . .



Open my wallpaper program (Webshots) and choose a portrait-oriented photo which does not fill the screen width.

    -    In Windows 7, whenever the wallpaper photo did not fill the screen (as a portrait-oriented pix usually would not), the remainder of the screen would remain the screen color chosen (blue).

    -    In "new, improved by MS programmers in the guaranteed employment department" Windows 10, however, when wallpaper presents a portrait-oriented pix, the background color (blue) disappears and is replaced by black.


Uh-huh . . .

Whose idea was this "improvement"! . . . and how can it be rectified?  The screen color should, one would normally expect, remain whichever color is designated in SETTINGS -- regardless of whatever the screensaver photo or graphic superimposes places over it.


Anyone know a solution to offer?

Many thanks; appreciated.

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