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Screen and mouse problems with Windows 10. I am a new

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I am a new member to the Microsoft Community. I have a Compaq Presario laptop. I have 2 problems that I can't solve:


1. The built-in mouse moves erratically, i.e., at times it works, at times it doesn't move, at times it goes where it wants. Any ideas????


2. While on the Internet (Firefox) at times screens pop up on their own without me choosing them. Or, screens pop up and disappear on their own. Any ideas??


Thanks I appreciate any comments.



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welcome to the community!

Would you mean mentioning which Windows 10 version are you using?

for Issue #1, please try cleaning your trackpad on your laptop, maybe some dirt is stuck on it somewhere that is causing it.

for Issue #2, try disabling your Firefox add-ons and see if it solves it:

if not there are other things we can try.