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Scheduled tasks start 6 hours late

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Issue: Two scheduled tasks set to start at 11:30pm both started at 5:30am, the next morning. Looking for a reason why this might happen. Perhaps something related to time zones?



This is regarding the home version of W10.

I have two scheduled tasks. FYI they make backups for my computer - one for changes and one to mirror all files under \users\folder.

These ran successfully for years on my old computer and I just setup these same tasks on a new one.

I am in US Eastern timezone (+5:00).



I attached the XML file of one task. I edited it to anonymize the Author (\computer name\account), and UserID.

Sorry - don't have scheduler history. Forgot to activate it until today.



Bonus points if you can also tell me why these tasks took 3 hours to complete when they typically took minutes on the older and MUCH slower computer.


Thank you!


PS - Sorry if I posted this to the wrong forum.  I posted it to but was told I should post it in and then I found  I am not a professional; just a home user hope to get some advice.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

<Task version="1.4" xmlns="">
















    <Principal id="Author">



























  <Actions Context="Author">






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