SCCM & Intune Co-management

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I know this is not exactly the right AMA for this specific topic, but I figure the Windows team will probably know how it behaves under co-management scenarios... 


If a computer is co-managed by SCCM and Intune, but all co-management workloads are set to SCCM, does intune have any affect on the computer?  To put it another way, for intune settings which do not fall under one of the co-management workloads, will they be applied to the Win10 client?

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Hi Steve, great question- thank you!


If you have configured Co-management in your environment but still have all of your workloads set to SCCM then your device will appear in the Intune console but will (for now) be in a "read-only" kind of state, ready for workloads to be swung over but with SCCM as the management authority for all configurations. 


Intune settings that fall under other workloads than those surfaced in the SCCM Co-Management UI will not have any effect on the devices.


I hope that helps answer your question.