Running System reset cmd on secondary Windows OS hard drive

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This may be an odd question, but here goes. I have a desktop with Win 10 and sporadically it likes to forget its hard drive, then throws out the options to reboot or run system diagnostics. Well the first few times system diag didn't find an issue and rebooted, then it booted into Windows. Now it just entirely says screw it and throws an error during diagnostics. Pulled the, drive docked it to my main PC, and was able to access the contents of the drive. Ran the typical error checking, check disk and did some clean up of old junk on it. Still won't boot. Now my idea was to factory reset the drive (e:) without having to perform a format an reinstall job. I know there is a command "systemreset" that can be ran from cmd, the kicker is can it be done on a secondary device such as a a docked hard drive or does the command only work for the local c: drive? Again I'm trying to avoid wiping the OS off, just want to factory reset.

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