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I want to reset my computer so I can do a total refresh. Is doing a reset at least once a year a great thing to do? There are articles saying that the recent windows 10 updates are causing issues for some users.

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it really depends, not everyone experience the same problem. there are nearly unlimited hardware combinations out there, it's not like Mac where apple only deals with one specific hardware, Windows can be installed on all types of hardware, some of them cause issue and make the headlines in news websites.
of course also the recent updates of Windows 10 have had other issues, like with Start menu etc.

I personally don't think you need to refresh your Windows once a year just because it's good, I think it's better to refresh it when you need to, like when something isn't working as it's supposed to and normal troubleshootings don't fix it.

@HotCakeX  I understand. Really I want to get back into the Windows Insider Program as I removed it by mistake and also give my computer a new refresh. The updates have been a major pain and don't really help much. The only thing I like now is Edge.

There might soon be something that will catch your eyes
Microsoft might be planning to resurrect Windows Sets

@HotCakeX  I have never use Microsoft sets before so when it comes up and will check it out.

Hopefully when you try it it will be a lot better than before