Remove "OneDrive - Personal" from Windows 10 File Explorer sidebar.

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In the Windows File Explorer sidebar, "OneDrive - Personal" exists alongside "OneDrive - Tenant Name", where "Tenant Name" is the tenant name of connected Office365 for Business account. It's easy for a user to confuse these folders—especially if the sidebar has been resized, as in the provided screenshot. I understand that "OneDrive - Personal" can't be removed from the sidebar without editing the Registry, and even then the removal could be reversed by updates to Windows. An easy way to customize this part of the File Explorer sidebar would be nice. 

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Yes at that minimized form it's impossible to tell the difference, if we could at least change the color of OneDrive icons in File explorer it would be something


Microsoft PLEASE let us remote One Drive personal, All the other methods I have tried dont work (They patched all those methods) Microsoft you are CONFUSING my users between one drive for consumer and One Drive for Business...easiest solution REMOVE ONE DRIVE for consumer.  But Microsoft wont let me.  STOP forcing your products on people.  Just let me remove it and leave JUST my one Drive for Business.  Its confusing the crap out of my users.  If anyone knows how to remove it I all ears! (I know there all kinds of ways to disallow syncing and all that to consumer accounts but its so much easier to just remove it from the File Explorer.