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Remote Application slowness in Win 10 local machine

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Hi All,

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In our environment, few set of users are working for a specific client and as part of their daily operation they will connect to the applications which is publicly hosted in the RDS. Currently users are connecting to the remote apps from the Windows 7 Os local machine. Since Microsoft is going to stop the support for Win 7.We are planning to upgrade all the Win 7 OS to Win 10 1809 build. As a testing phase, we have upgraded one of the machine in the mentioned team to Win 10 and checked the performance of the remote apps. We found that users are able to connect to apps remotely but they are facing a slowness or a lag while they try to load any image or scanned copies in the application. In the windows 7, normally it will take 2 to 5 seconds to load the images but in Win 10 it is taking more than 30 to 50 seconds to open the same.

Rdp version in Windows 7: 6.1.7601
Rdp version in Windows 10: 10.0.17134

Machine configuration: i7, 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD

Can anyone suggest on how to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance!

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