Re: Announcing an AMA for Windows 10, version 1709 on November 30th

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In any case, my questions are:


1- If and when we will finally have a Windows that runs on Computers, Xbox and mobile?

I am not speaking of the core, but exactly the same interface and experience. The hw is there and ready, I cannot wait to use my xbox as a powerfull computer, with Office and all stuff... Don't lose to much time MS on this, time is running... I saw a good candidate for Windows S...

2 - Any info/plans for the mobile enviroment?

Windows Phone 10, was great, still using today a lumia950, and is really a pitty to put all this good sw and hw in the trashcan... maybe we are waiting for a phone with x86/x64?


Thanks to all


P.S. I cannot attend AMA (working hours...) where I can read all later?

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