Rapidly looping attempts to install Visio for Enterprise Architects

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My issue began with attempts to resolve issues with Office 365. One post I read noted that problems could be caused by the existence of older versions of Office on a machine. I had Office Home and Student 2007, which I had never been able to install, and which utilities that said they COULD remove it warned that it shared files with Visio for Enterprise Architects, which I had an old version of running. I eventually found a Microsoft site that said it could selectively uninstall Office 2007 and ran the utility it provided. I not only uninstalled Office 2007, but 365 as well.

The biggest problem after these installs is that my machin is now in an infinite loop of dialogs that begin with "Preparing to Install" followed by dialogs saying the install cannot find the required filed. My machine is effectively unusable. I don't care about Visio. I just want to end the installation loop so I can reinstall office 365 and use my machine again.

Any ideas?
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