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This morning I went to log in to my PC, to find that neither my PIN, nor my fingerprint would work to sign in. After getting into my computer, I went to the sign in options to try to fix this. Under "Windows Hello PIN" there is a message that says "Sorry, this PIN isn't working for your organization's resources. Tap or click here to fix it." Upon clicking that prompt, a window pops up saying that "Your organization requires you to set up a work or school account with Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN." The issue is, this is a completely personal device. I am not a part of any organization. I never have, and never will use this device for work or school related purposes, so why does windows suddenly think I belong to some organization?

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try going to Windows settings => Account => Access work or school
what do you see there?

and what do you see here?
Windows settings => Account => Email & Accounts
Thanks for the screenshots,
can you also check if there is any group policy being applied, unwantedly?

you can run this in an elevated powershell:

it will open up group policy editor console and if any policy is being applied, you will be able to see it when you browser the categories.

there is also a guide for this:

Hello @tleach,


Check, if you've volume license installed on your system.


1. Open administrative Command Prompt.


2. Type slmgr /dlv and press Enter key.


If it mentions GVLK, VOLUME_<method> then you’ve volume license installed. In that case, as you said this is a personal system, you need to activate it with retail or OEM license.


Also, can you confirm if Microsoft Teams is installed on your system? If yes, check the account you're using to sign in to Teams app. If it is Azure AD account, sign in with your personal Microsoft account. 


Hope this helps!

Which official source says that using volume license in Windows 10 prevents user from using certain biometric login features or adds an organization to the system?
I'm curious to know