"This file is in use" Error

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I am trying to upload a Word doc as an attachment to a webpage. The file is open from my OneDrive folder and currently synced and saved (it's on AutoSave as well). However, when trying to upload, I get the following error:


"This file is in use.

Enter a new name or close the file that's open in another program"


I know this is probably some fundamental thing, but why can't I upload a file that's in use? Just go ahead and attach the current saved version. I can do this on a Mac, unsure why I can't on PC. It's quite annoying to have to close and re-open a file just because I want to upload a copy of it. Is it because the file is in OneDrive? Is there some setting that prevents this?

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Hey Adam,
i had the same issue with OneDrive. I opened a file on PC1 and closed it.
Anyways i got the error, that the file was already in use on PC2, so i logged out in OneDrive and logged in again on PC1. After that it worked. So i think it has to do with OneDrive, maybe stuff with sync or cache, dont know.

@Adam Cronce 


 If OneDrive is saying  file is already open. Try opening the application (Word in this case) and removing the file from the applications quick access list. Close the application and try using it. 




Save the document to onedrive for business. Let it sync with onedrive. Don`t keep it open on One drive. Now try uploading it and let me know the status.