"News and Interests" critical bug

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When I change "News and Interests" to display the option "Show icon and text", then the next time I start the system several things will stop working: taskbar will be frozen without displaying the icons, the process explorer.exe too, no Windows app will open.
I need to leave "News and Interests" either with the option of displaying only the icon, or disabling the feature.


(build 21390)

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While this is not mentioned as a known issue with preview build 21390, I recommend you to provide your feedback to Windows engineering team via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F.


Hello. I think the author of this post reports such problems, but by publishing the topic in the MTC wanted to bring about a solution by discussion between members of the community!
Sharing your own experiences is very important and necessary - thank you!
Do you find any clue in the Event Viewer ?
Check the Event Viewer log after such scenario.
It seems like a bug , so make sure report it through the Feedback Hub app.