"Incompatible w/ This Version of Windows" Intel and NVIDIA Drivers - Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing

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Hello Microsoft Community,


I am having a problem installing both NVIDIA and new Intel Drivers. I recently upgraded to Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 and it keeps crashing and learned it is that the drivers I was running were out of date. I've uninstalled using DDU all of my previous NVIDIA drivers and turned off the internet connection to restart and install from a hard drive. I'm getting a repeat notification that the driver is not compatible with this version of Windows (1903), even though I've checked all of the specs. I've also uninstalled Intel Graphics 520 which is the latest version and restarted downloaded new Intel Drivers and I get the same notification, that they are incompatible. I've tried a number of NVIDIA drivers now, so thinking this is a problem with Windows 10. What do I do to stop the incompatible problem and which drivers will actually work?


Here is the link of compatible drivers with Adobe Premiere Pro.


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Don't worry about Adobe for now, first find the right and correct driver for your graphic card that is installable on Windows 10.

here is the automatic driver scan

if you know the exact model of your GPU, use this page

pay attention to 32bit/64bit


if it's a laptop, you need to get the Intel graphic driver installed first and then Nvidia