Quick Assist - Give Assistance - Unavailable Code

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Hello community, 

I am trying to offer assistance to a client who is using NVDA screen reading technology as they are legally blind. 


Every time we navigate to Quick Assist, and I give them the code that is generated to give assistance, they are informed that the code is "unavailable" or that the code is "Invalid". We have never run out of time to use the code. 


We have confirmed that there is no error in the code (missing or wrong numbers) and that their computer is connected to the internet. 


I have confirmed that my computer can assist another client on Windows 10. I have confirmed that my laptop can receive assistance from a windows 10 computer while NVDA is operating on my computer.


I can't seem to work out why my codes provided to give assistance to this one client are Unavailable or Invalid. Can anyone help?? 

Thank you in advance

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