Provisioning package unable to join to Domain on Windows 10 2004

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Provisioning Package is working on the previous version of Windows 10 however on Clean installed Windows 10 2004 the provisioning package do not join the machine to the domain.

We are using Windows 10 Enterprise 2004 to built machines in a our company


Error: Error During Package installation.

This is happening in all Windows 10 2004 machines which newly built.

Is it something known to Microsoft?

I have re-created the Provisioning package which works on 1903, 1909 and below however not on 2004 may update.

Kindly help on this.

PP created using Windows Imaging and configuration designer.

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Anyone have any solution to it

@amitsharmaext  Well, its been over a year and a half since you submitted your question.  I see Microsoft has yet to even acknowledge your message.  Its really hard to believe that Microsoft doesn't have people to monitor these submissions and actually try to help out...


I'm having the same problem