Protected previously ripped WMA files

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Hi I have tried virtually every download there is in order to allow my Windows media Player to play these tunes (Over 15 years old!). Does anyone have a reliable and free method?




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try converting them to mp3 format with format factory software (free) and then play it with Windows media player or Music app on Windows 10.

Hi, I did just that but just as with all the other downloads, I could convert to MP3 but WMP just wouldn't play them so I guess that I will have to get hold of the CD's from my friends and re-rip them!!!!! My guess is that its a licence thing with windows!!





It's been many years since I ripped a CD to be honest, so I'm not entirely sure if they changed anything significant in that area.
everything is on the Internet nowadays for download.
have you tried searching for them on the Internet? you can DM me if you want.

@HotCakeX Hi , Me too, I don't want to rip anything!! Unfortunately it looks like I am going to have to because all of the 'free' software out 'there' doesn't work unless you buy the ultimate version!!!