Prevent users from disconnecting AOVPN user tunnel




Is there any client configuration I can apply, registry entries or other policies, to remove the 'disconnect' button from the AOVPN user tunnel?


It's not very 'always on' if users can decide to just drop and establish the connection, that's more just VPN.


I get that some organisations can be fine with users having the autonomy to drop and establish the user tunnel as they see fit, but this is surely potentially show stopping for a lot of organisations.


I have seen the unusable and pointless dumpster fire that is "lockdown VPN" and this really isn't the answer... unless the question is "how can I make it so that all client computer connectivity is completely useless even when connected to the internal LAN?"


There are registry settings that put the device tunnel in the networking flyout, are there others that I haven't found that remove the disconnect button?


worst case scenario can we hide the user tunnel and it's connect/disconnect as the device tunnel is, whilst retaining the user tunnel configuration?


Another thing is the option to prevent users from deselecting the 'automatically connect' checkbox. is there a control for that?


Usually we have admin control of a daft amount of things, how is there so little (at least at face value) in the way of options for something as potentially business critical as AOVPN?


mini-rant/questions over :)



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