Please help can't find any solutions!


It has been almost a week now since I have started facing this problem. Almost daily I get a BSOD with a different error every time. I also got a red screen in between also laptop freezes from time to time. I have checked the drivers there is nothing wrong with them and my laptop is also up to date. I only have a BIOS update but we can't do it without any help from an expert right?   

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Could be a memory issue.

Start and type Memory Diagnostic. Follow the wizard.

Nowadays upgrading BIOS is as simple and safe as any other operation, ask the maker to help if you need assistance on this matter.


I have already tried that and it is not showing anything wrong. Thanks anyway.


May I know the make and model of your computer?

As Mr. Spigolo has already indicated, we need more information in order to at least guess the source of the error.
PC brand name?
R.A.M ?
Last driver update ?
Last BIOS update? (which version is the PC showing?)
Win10 version...1909? 2004? (In the "search" field, write winver and 2X Enter)
If you and we could provide this information, many of them would be able to provide a precise answer.

We are happy to be at your disposal

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