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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is hardly an old codger friendly site! I'm guessing it's because of that enormous enormous update a few days ago (that prevented me from using the computer for a whole evening - thanks a bundle microsoft!) that my phone will no longer connect to the laptop. It doesn't appear in the files list. There's a message on the phone that I can't use bluetooth as well as something else I can't remember, which is new. I tried turning bluetooth off but it doesn't help. I've had to drag my ancient xp machine out of the attic just to move a couple of albums onto the phone. I have to say I've never known any of these pestilential updates to be improvements, dies anyone know how to cure the damage caused by this one? Many thanks

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I'd recommend contacting support for this situation:

I guess you're now on Windows 1709? Could you confirm that by going to "Settings -> System -> About"? What brand is the phone? And do you connect to it using Bluetooth or USB (or both?)?

It could be that your BT-driver isn't yet supported by 1709, it could also be that something change during the upgrade that makes the phone not trusting your PC (if connecting via USB). Could you re-add the phone via Bluetooth? (Settings -> Devices ->Add Bluetooth Device -> Bluetooth)?