OneDrive stopped working after Windows 10 version 2004

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Since I updated to Version 2004 from 1909 I'm not able to use OneDrive.

If I uninstall OneDrive and install it again it shows up in Explorer but as soon as I press on it it shows the files for one second and the the OneDrive "tab" just disappear from the list (see attached picture of path shown in Explorer).

No error message or anything!

If I try to start it again nothing happens


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Hello @BjrnN,


Try to reset OneDrive, see if it helps:


1. Open a Run dialog by pressing Windows key + R.


2. Type %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset and press OK. A Command window may appear briefly.


3. Manually launch OneDrive using Cortana or Windows Search. Type OneDrive in the search box, and then click on the OneDrive desktop app. Re-setup OneDrive.


Let us know if this helps!




Sorry, I forgot to add that I have also performed /reset as well and the other solution you recommended is already tested as well, no go :crying_face:

New windows profile

Probably, but I would like to fix it without having to reinstall or create a new profile.


Have you tried to install the sync client as per-machine installation? 


  1. Download OneDriveSetup.exe (latest production ring version right now 20.143.0716.0003)
  2. Run "OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers" from a command prompt window (will result in a UAC prompt) or by using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. This will install the sync app under the "Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive" directory. When setup completes, OneDrive will start. If accounts were added on the computer, they'll be migrated automatically.

Please try the following:

Hit Win+X+R. Type in wsreset.exe, hit OK. Once that is done, (now) go Uninstall OneDrive & Re-install (from Store) OneDrive.  Report results, please & thank you.

Same issue... :unamused_face:
Thanks anyway
The Store Version works fine, but I need the integrated client and also to sync desktop.

Very strange issue, at least it happened when I did the 1909 > 2004 update, that much I know.

@BjrnN You may also want to check for the anti-virus on the affected machine.

Yeah, no go there :( I use ESET NOD32 by the way
Thanks anyway! still present after 20H2, I so don't want to reinstall