OneDrive issues after update to Windows 10 2004

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I recently updated Windows 10 to version 2004, and after the last update-related reboot OneDrive would keep complaining about not being able to connect to Windows--required for the Files On-Demand feature (see snapshot below). 


OneDrive cannot connect.png


I tried both workarounds related to cldflt.sys described in this Support article, but in my case both were checking out fine.  I finally gave in & clicked Download Files, which was supposed to disable Files On-Demand and just pull down everything that wasn't there already.  But the sync gets stuck immediately, claiming that it's downloading 1 out of 35 files (18MB total), except no matter how long I leave it, or how many times I restart OneDrive or logout & back in or restart the entire machine, it never moves forward...


OneDrive downloading.png


To make matters worse, none of the files synced to OneDrive now open; I am using OneDrive to backup Desktop, Documents, and Pictures, so none of those files can be opened...  Here is an example of a message thrown when trying to open a PDF on my Desktop (which, by the way, is fully sync'ed, as indicated by the green check overlay on the file's icon):


OneDrive cannot be accessed by system.png


Any ideas how to get out of this pickle?   

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This fix worked for me as well.  My OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Business both were not syncing after the upgrade.  This registry change did the trick.  Nice sleuthing on that.  Also, thanks to the OP for providing a very clear write up and description of the issue.


I hope somebody from Microsoft with at least a little bit of competence can address this issue.

Microsoft constantly drops the ball on its Windows 10 updates and could care less about consumers or small businesses.

I'm about ready to drop Windows altogether and switch to the only crap option of Linux, in addition to my personal and business subscriptions of Office 365 since it seems impossible to have a reliable computer with MS's poor customer support.

Call their customer service for any reason or chat with them in a chat and you're bound to get the most incompetent of people. The corporation as a whole doesn't care about its consumers because they have a contract with nearly every government agency in the US as well as the larger enterprises.

@MStruzak I'm also having this issue after the install of 2004. It's effectively killed most of the files stored in my local OneDrive folder because they no longer open or sync. I've tried all the support tips of pausing sync / unpausing,  uninstalling / re-installing different versions. What a massive waste of time for so many people!

Windows 10 gave me a notification saying that a troubleshooter for OneDrive needed to run. After running the troubleshooter and rebooting, I could turn on Files on Demand without the error occurring.




I'm now finding that most of the time (although not always), when I right click on a file in OneDrive to change its sync mode, the context menu disappears within less than a second. This isn't happening with files outside of OneDrive.


Second, I'm finding that it now appears to be impossible to turn off Files on Demand. When I uncheck the box, a message pops up reading "Disable Files on Demand. All OneDrive files and folders will download to this PC". There are OK and cancel buttons. Regardless of which one I click on, the Files on Demand checkbox gets re-checked.

@MStruzak I just started my PC and got a notification for running a Troubleshooter to fix my OneDrive files on demand connection and sync issue. I ran it. Restarted and BANG. It all works! Thank you so much for responding to this quickly. So pleased :)

The new Troubleshooter worked like a charm for me.
Please can you provide more info on this troubleshooter? Was it a new download via Windows Update? I do not have a troubleshooter specifically for OneDrive on my system.
I solved follow this
Press the Windows key Press the Windows key + R to open a Run window.

Type regedit and click OK.
Paste this path into the navigation bar at the top of the Registry Editor:
Double-click the DefaultInstance name.
Change the value data to CldFlt and select OK.
Restart your computer.

Yes, I did the same and onedrive works, ok.

@Hispanico I solve for install and start synvro...but syncro start and after a while the syncronization remain fix and not show increase 



Below is one of the highlight notes from the latest patch Tuesday's update for Win10 2004, KB4565503.

"Updates an issue that might prevent you from connecting to OneDrive using the OneDrive app."

Sounds like it should be fixed if you are offered the update to 2004.

My theory is that they wanted to make our systems more "secure", but it lead to disaster, as with many other things with this update @Josep1190 

I had all very similar issues recently with a user who had just updated to Windows Version 2004. 19041.450.

OneDrive would not show up in REGEDIT.
OneDrive would not load, re-install, uninstall, no process running, etc.

I tried nearly all of the fixes shared over the last three years across forums - nothing worked.

My solution weirdly, that i didn't expect to work but here it is.....that may work for others:
1. Windows Search > cleanmgr.exe > Select "C" Drive and press OK.
2. Click "Clean Up System Files", press OK.
3. Tick all boxes (FYI This will empty your recycle bin & restore points (if you have any)).

Now retry to run the OneDrive setup file from and it should now download & install without any issues.

Hope it helps someone..